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How do the Crypto Points work?  


Hands down Crypto Points are the simplest & easiest way to profit from the Crypto Gold Rush.

The more Crypto Points you have, the more IGWT bonus tokens you get. Think of it like Early Access or like all the Facebook employees that got shares before they went public. This is a time tested  proven way to create wealth and now you can take advantage of it.


The first IGWT token will be released once five million Crypto Points are sold. The more Crypto Points you have the more bonus tokens you will receive on the release date. You will get 1,000 tokens for every Crypto Point you have, they will be instantly transferred ( aka Air Dropped) to your digital wallet that will be created in the IGWT platform.


Best of all, you keep all your Crypto Points, they can be used to purchase any of the products & services IGWT offers.

It's the Ultimate WIN-WIN !

Proof positive that IGWT is the best way to have fun, create wealth and get more out of Life.

How do the bonuses work in detail?  
What are the ranks for Team Members?  
How do I earn new ranks?  
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