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26 Crypto Points

Instantly access your points inside the IGWT platform.

Your points arrive every month with our easy set & forget autodelivery.


For every (1) one Crypto Point you have, you will receive 1,000 IGWT tokens on the token launch date.

Best of all you get to keep your Crypto Points!

Use them for future purchases on the IGWT site or hold them for future token launches. Once the first 5 million Crypto Points are sold, the first token will launch.



IGWT tokens differ from any other crypto for two reasons:


#1. They backed by something! The IGWT Core Values.

#2. IGWT tokens have built in Utility.


Because of this, your tokens are poised to skyrocket in value.

26 Crypto Points
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26 Crypto Points
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