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Evan Money


Evan grew up in a normal dysfunctional family and was raised by a loving but "poor Mom" while having a "rich Dad" who rarely spoke to him. When his father did speak to him, it was to tell him everything he did wrong. 


Evan was incarcerated by the LA County school system for 12 years, and after graduation he never looked back. Once entering the workforce full time, Evan had No Money, No Energy, and No Time. He and his young bride scrambled every day to make ends meet, while always having more month than money.


It was then that he and his bride discovered personal growth and a deeper spiritual commitment. They realized in order for things to get better, they had to get better. They also committed to getting remarried in a different state or country every year, and now are on track to have 100 weddings by Evan’s 100th birthday. 


After 15 years of not talking to his father, Evan finally chose forgiveness, and that same year he TRIPLED his income! (Not a coincidence). Evan has since expanded his businesses worldwide, and he and his bride have founded the Marriage of Greatness movement. Evan has also produced and starred in the ground breaking documentary Words of Art, starring Joel Osteen, Denis Waitley, Zig Ziglar, and many others.


Evan & his bride have two young adults that they have home-educated, they strive daily to grow together, be the best people, parents, and bride & groom that they can be. 

Juan Garcia


Born in El Salvador, Juan was abandoned by his father at an early age. When he was 12 his mother moved them to the U.S. for a chance at a better life. Coming to a new country was hard enough, learning a new language and navigating middle school made it harder.


Juan was blessed to have a father figure in his life and he vowed he would always be there for his future family. Which happened to come much sooner than he planned for. At 15 Juan found his high school sweetheart, before he turned 16 his first daughter was born. This forced Juan to grow up fast and to change his thinking from teenager to adult.


He soon realized that it was not all that easy and a good paying job was hard to find. Juan landed in construction and at age 18 he and his young bride bought their first home. After years of hard work, thousands of miles driven and 5 kids later, Juan realized he was simply working to live and he never saw his family.


It took nearly losing his life on the job to shake him out of his rut, Juan decided he wanted better for himself and his family. Now that his mind was open to opportunity he could finally see what he was missing. Entrepreneurship was calling him, Juan dreamed of being his own boss and when a network marketing opportunity was presented to him, he jumped on it.  He was given a Jim Rohn CD and from then on he was hooked to self development.  Juan realized in order for things to grow, he had to grow. In order for things to get better in his marriage, he had to get better.


Juan has since started five successful companies and showed his kids by example, that you can literally have everything you want in life, if you are willing to put in the mental work, and help other people get what they want. For Juan, being an entrepreneur is not about the money you make, but the person you are becoming and being the best version of yourself everyday.



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